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Parker Maritime Technologies CEO, Dr. William J. Parker III advised Emmy-winning documentary, The Sonic Sea.

Dive into the depths of oceanic soundscapes with the award-winning film Sonic Sea. NRDC and Discovery’s documentary were honored with two Emmys including one for Outstanding Nature Documentary film. This documentary exposes the critical issue of underwater noise pollution and its impact on marine life.

Join us as we explore the journey of this groundbreaking film, featuring powerful insights from Dr. William J. Parker III, CEO and founder of Parker Maritime Technologies. Commodore Parker served 35 years in the US Navy, received the Stockdale Award Winner for Inspirational Leadership, was Chief of Staff for the US Navy Fleet, overseeing all of the vessels, Inspired and led the Green Fleet, and played a vital role in the development of the first all-electric Zumwalt ship, the world’s most advanced Naval vessel. As a top world acoustic expert, Dr. Parker’s expertise adds a crucial perspective to the documentary.

Discover how Sonic Sea not only captivated audiences but also sparked important conversations about the intersection of national security and environmental conservation. With his expertise, Dr. Parker highlights the urgent need for collaborative efforts in protecting our ocean.

Join PMT in taking action to develop new technologies to reduce the impacts of ocean noise pollution and safeguard the delicate balance of life beneath the water.

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Learn more about Sonic Sea in our YouTube video:

Dr. William J. Parker III ► NRDC-Discovery Emmy-winner Sonic Sea ► Ocean Noise Impact on Marine Life

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